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The Trans-Dimensional Gravity Lensing Interstellar Drive (TDGLID) is a theoretical engine that allows a ship to go from point A to B nearly instantaneously. It was proposed by UNSC and Sangheili particle and theoretical physists, and was perfected years ago by the Vozin.

Theoretical Concept


Starting up

The TDGLID works by using the concept of a parrelell universe that operates just like ours (this is explained later in the article). By using particle accelerators, the TGLID creates hypermassive cubes of matter, with densities that nearly match black holes. Gravity dampners then compress the hypermassive gravity into one area. The ship in the other universe does the same.

Entering the "Interspace"

After the ship has created the material, it moves deeper in the gravity well created by the hypermassive material. This "depression" in space allows the two ships to get extremely close to one another. Now, the ships increase gravity in the materials to extremes, creating a literal black hole. This allows the ship to "lens" out of the universe and into a small, theoretical "interspace" (also explained later).

Engaging Interstellar Travel

Once in the "interspace", which has no established physics, the ship can move a trillions of times faster than the speed of light, traversing parsecs in nanoseconds. Once over the desired point in space in the paralell universe, the ship lightens its hypermassive materials, allowing it to "lens" into the other universe. The ship is now in the exact place it wants to be in, albeit in a completely different universe.

Exact Parrelell Universe Theory

This theory operates on the idea that there are parrelell universes elsewhere in space. At least one universe has to be an exact reflection of our own, operating with the same laws of physics and motion as this one. That universe has to be close to be an exact reflection, and thus, can be traversed to.

Interspace Theory

The interspace theory is the theory that there is a lawless area of nothing between universes. This "nothingness" is not governed by any known laws of physics, and so theoretical laws were given.

Interspacial Theoretical Laws of Physics

  • v=i, or velocity equals infinity. This means that a ship can travel at trillions or quadrillions of times the speed of light, which can make a trip of parsecs last seconds.
  • c=0, or light speed has no value. Without this universal speed limit, it makes v=i possible.
  • cx, or the speed of light times a variable. This gives the speeds above light value.
  • m=0, or that matter is nothing. This equation is the scariest to consider when traveling through the interverse, as it means the ship is a tiny bubble of matter in nothingness. According to this theoretical law, too much time in interspace will result in destruction of matter.

These laws are not proven, due to the fact that no one has witnessed interspace.