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Table The TE-21 in use by a special forces team on the UNSC Say My Name (CC-288)
TE-21 Holo-table



cR 3,500

First Used

October 3rd, 2525


Human-Covenant War, Rebuild Era

Used In

UNSC Starships


The TE-21 Holo-Table is a form of holographic table designed by Tecnniqe Electronics for use by the United Nations Space Command.


Despite being reffered to as a hologram, the table is actually a volumetric display device and utilises static volume techniques to present three-dimensional figures. This system uses a pulsed in fared laser to create figures of glowing plasma at a focal point in the air. The point is directed by two moving mirriors and a lens to create various images in the air. Although this technique typically creates noise, various programs have been adjusted to fix this. The device can generate images over six cubic meters.


The TE-21 Holo-table is utilised as a tactical display board on nearly all UNSC Navy ship classifications currently in usage. The board is used to display both ground and space engagments, as well as being utilised for communication purposes between two ships. The table's keyboards and display monitors are also utilised for text messaging conversations between numerous people. This allows for quick and efficent commonication in the battlefield.

Down-sized versions of the device are also used by ground teams in and outside of the battlefield. These variants are designed in a manner similiar to their naval counterparts, with their main purpose being used for tactical displays.