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TRIDENT armor being tested by 3rd Generation SPARTAN-II's

TRIDENT Prototype Assault Armor is a Generation Technology Experimental SPARTAN-II armor, designed and built on Wevnada.



The helmet is different from most SPARTAN armor's seen, in shape and style. The Blue glinted visor is also different from the traditional gold one, but glows in the dark;a major disadvantage.

  • Helmet Features:-
    • Luminiscent blue visor.
    • Built-in Communications system.
    • Advanced HUD with eye motion controls.
    • Built-in Filtration mask for space and under water op's aswell as a basic language communicator.


The body of TRIDENT armor is totally white, unless customized. The armor makes use of the SPARTAN enhancements, and comes with an advanced version of the MJOLNIR Mk-VI shielding, which was taken then remade by Generation Technology.

  • Body Features:-
    • Gen Tech advanced shielding and bulletproof armor.
    • Wrist Blade for CQB.
    • Vacuum Sealed.
    • 30 minute Air tank for Space op's.


The backpack is an essential piece of kit when the armor is used out in the field, as it houses many life saving features.

  • Features:-
    • Med kit.
    • Extra Oxygen Tanks.
    • Food and water Supply.
    • Extra Ammo Cartridges.
    • Long Distance Comms.
    • Extra Grenades.
    • Weapon attachers.


Other parts of the Armor:

  • Belt:
    • Holds Ammo and grenades.
    • Holds weapon attachments.
  • Combat Boots:
    • Strong, rugged.
    • Waterproof, acid-proof.
  • Spot Lamp:
    • Bright, powerful.


TRIDENT armor is built primarilly for assault and infiltration, and is used by 3rd Generation SPARTAN-II's such as SPARTAN Group Knight. It has night vision and heat vision capabilities, allowing use at night without giving your postion away with a tac-lamp.


  • 2563-Designs go in for a new SPARTAN armor.
  • 2565-Designs for thr TRIDENT assault armor accepted.
  • 2566-Construction begins on the first eight armor sets.
  • 2569-Armor finished, extra's being tested and added.
  • 2571-Armor tested on several members of SPARTAN Group Knight.
  • 2574-Armor brought back and modified.
  • 2580-Armor rereleased.
  • 2583-Armor deemed official. TRIDENT is handed to all 3rd Generation SPARTAN-II's.


The designs for TRIDENT Armor were infact stolen from Warmaster Corporation's Irien Commando Armor and were then modified for SPARTAN use. Warmaster have no knowledge of TRIDENT armor, and so, the secret is safe.


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