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Ta'ha is in the Unorganized Territories


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Val System

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Ta'ha in earth like planet but is mostly land. During the winter the northern mountains form alot of Ta'han fuel that can successfully fuel the vessels of the Galactic Confederacy. This is a major trading route for the Confederacy. During the summers most mountain ice melts and flows into the many rivers and lakes around. Winters tend to see a moderate amount of rain. Leaving spring and fall to be harvest seasons.


The natives of the planets are the Ta'Yawha which had basically destroyed the all of the enivornment around. Within 200 years 50% of the land on the planet became city. During this time the Rire Kingdom was in power. The Kingdom had been so corrupt that basic rights for all Char had been tooken away from them. The Royal Family was sent a letter from a local freedom group. The letter had one to many requests said from one of the council
XXominum city 2

The capital of the Ta'ha

members from the Grand Council. Tthe next day the Family had ordered to have a public example for anyone who decided to act smart and question their aurthority. Several freedom members were brutally slaugthered, men, women, and children. This event had been the last one, a few local groups had gathered togther outside the cities of the Rire and plotted to liberate the people. Within the next two years plans had been told to the far north and deep south. Until one day every since member had returned to their section of their city and had started to attack bussinesses, burn down buildings and attack Rire guards. Uprisings and Mobs had started to infest the planet's city and with in months the fighting did not stop, Millions were dead and still the fighting when on. After seeing that they were fighting a loosing battle most of the rebels had decided to leave the planet.