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Task Force 343
Unit Background

Black Ops



Unit Motto

"If you are going through hell-keep going."

Unit size

Unknown, likely large

Current Commander
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Task Force 343, also abbreviated as TF343, is a cross-species Task Force group led by Stel 'Vadam and Doug-103. It was formed soon after the Battle for Doisac. Often also called the Three-Four-Three, Task Force 343 was also made to combat the remains of Covenant Loyalists, and to deal with the new threat of the Flood, and a new loyalist enemy: the Karidans.


Task Force 343, though often thought to be led by Stel 'Vadam and Doug-103, TF343 was actually formed by a Fleetmaster named Xavi 'Vadam, a close friend to Thel 'Vadam and was ordered by him to create the Task Force in order to scape around the universe (or The 'Verse as Doug-103 shortens it) to exterminate the Flood and deal with the new enemy, the Karidans.

First Mission

Rest is to be revealed as Halo: Covert Ops progresses

Task Force 343 was orginally supposed to be made up of volunteers to be deployed as Black Ops unit, however, under Stel's request, the Task Force was changed as such to a Covert Ops unit: with a small privelage: being able to handpick the best warriors around the galaxy. Their first mission was to track down Rit-E-Ayr, a Kig-yar merchant and pirate who supplied the Karidan forces with weapons to massacre a city on Reach, named Terrador. Stel and Doug sent the troops to Eayn, the Kig-yar homeworld, in order to find him, interrogate him, and then exfil from the area. Unfortunatley, Xavi's communicator was shortened out by a Kig-yar ship, leaving Stel and his men behind.

Known members

Former Members