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"Hardburning into an atmosphere, deploying troops, or simply blasting away at the enemy, we've seen it all.

Taskforce Arrow complete
Taskforce Arrow









13 Capital Warships

  • 5 Heimdall Frigates
  • 4 Baal Destroyers
  • 1 Minerva Class Prowler
  • 3 Thor Cruisers
  • 1 Zeus Supercarrier



"Straight through your heart"


Battle of Kanna


Full Admiral James McHenry


Taskforce Arrow is a UNSC Fleet under the command of Four Star Admiral James McHenry. It is used in both defense and planetary siege, and carries the 485th Marine Regiment and the 32nd Naval Air Battalion on it's carriers, frigates, and cruisers.


Taskforce Arrow was first formed in 2598 to be given to the newly minted Rear Admiral James McHenry. It was comrpised of seven vessels, and was given to the Admiral as a chance for him to prove himself. During the first eight years of it's existence, it fought in a 18 naval engagements against the Remnant. Taskforce Arrow won all of the battles but one, and took only a single casualty, a Heimdall-class Frigate. After eight years on the front, Taskforce Arrow was recalled to Gundark. It's numbers were bolstered with several new ships and a new flagship, and it resided there until 2607, when the Remnant attacked Kanna. Taskforce Arrow was one of the many ships that left for the planet, and during the battle, the fleet performed a reentry burn into the atmosphere, to deliver troops directly onto the battlefield. During the battle, a breakaway faction of the Brute fleet followed them, and though the taskforce ultimately destroyed them, they took several casualties. Once the skies were clear of the enemy, Taskforce Arrow began support operations, acting as airborne artillery and assisting units such as the 77th airborne and the 105th. After Kanna, what was left of the fleet returned to Gundark, where it remained until 2615, when McHenry retired. After this, the Taskforce was scattered, and absorbed into other units and fleets.

Fleet Units

Taskforce arrow was first made up of seven craft. In it's early days, it was commanded by an Odin-class Carrier, and bolstered by two Baal-class Destroyers and three Heimdall-class Frigates, as well as a single Minerva-class Prowler. After it's first eight years of duty, the Taskforce was then made up of thirteen ships, including a Zeus-class Super Carrier, five Heimdall-class Frigates, four Baal-class Destroyers, and three Thor-class Cruisers.


For most of it's early career, Taskforce Arrow was used almost exclusively offensively, battling Remnant forces and hammering away at their navy. Later on, after it grew in size, it was used mostly as a defensive vessel, as it was stationed in one place, protecting Gundark from attack. It was also used as a relief vessel during the Battle of Kanna, to help save the planet.


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