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Chieftan (Armor)






8'9 ft


Plasma Cannon, Spike Grenades, Mauler, Brute Shot

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Chronological and political information

Covenant Remnants


Taurus was a Shipmaster and Brute Chieftain within the Covenant Remnants. He commands a Remnant ship in the Fleet of Marauding Hate.


Not much is known about Taurus. He was born the year 2556 on the Brute homeworld, Doisac. He grew up there as well, and then secretly joined the Remnant military.

Eventually, he was promoted to Chieftain and Ship Master. When reaching that rank, he was allowed to select a pack of his own. His pack consists of 95 other Jiralhanae.

He early earned a reputation of being a loyal tool to his superiors. Thus, he would often be dispatched with his pack on sensitive missions where low-scale action was required rather than a massive fleet. However, for every battle lost in the name of the Remnant, his faith would steady decrease, and one day he may leave the Remnant...

Battle of Vespera

Early into the Battle of Vespera, Taurus was deployed to capture a Sangheili outpost, in which he suceeded. Shortly after, one of his Dropships located a small remnant of another Brute pack, and carried it back to Taurus to get them treated for their injuries and get cleaned. Taurus quickly took a liking to one of the Brutes, Novus, because he had single-handedly managed to defeat a Hunter. Taurus promoted Novus to Major for this, and showed interest in getting Novus into his own pack.

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