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Team Woodsword
Unit Background
  • Conventional/Unconventional Warfare
  • Covert operations
  • Black operations

UNSC Talisman

Unit Motto

"We were once the crap under everybody's boots, now we're near the top"

Unit size
  • 4 (2545-2552)
  • 3 (2552-)
Current Commander


Current Status



Team Woodsword was a team of SPARTAN-III Supersoldier commandos. Although originally considered a "trash squad", it eventually grew into a rather skilled team. However, all but one of its original members were killed near the end of the Human-Covenant War, forcing it to take in two other Spartans from other dead teams.




  • Position: Team leader, heavy weapons specialist

Per is the leader and heavy weapons/demolitions specialist, as well as the sole survivor of the original Team Woodsword. Despite his typical 'brawns' appearance, he's intelligent and highly analytical, making him a capable leader.


  • Position: Scout, spotter

Being one of two survivors of Team Kodachi after the Deep-Space Station Indigo Incident, Khaled was reassigned to Team Woodsword just before Operation: RUBBLE. Being skilled at reconnaissance, he's a natural scout. After Lily joined the team, he also served as her spotter during long-range engagements. Ever quiet and always following orders, Khaled rarely shows any emotion.


  • Position: Sniper, second-in command, Sharpshooter/Marksman, pilot, assassin

Along with her partner, Tobias-G176, Lily was a 'Headhunter' that participated in Operation: RUBBLE alongside Teams Woodsword and Naginata, during which Tobias died in battle against Hunters. After the operation, she was reassigned to Woodsword to cover for their two lost members, thus being the last member of the current group to join. She's the team's master assassin, marksman and pilot, often considered the most skilled of the three due to her headhunter training.



  • Death: During Operation: RUBBLE


  • Death: During Operation: RUBBLE


  • Death: During the Raid on D'Arcy


  • Most of the team members' names are from other countries than the United States, in an attempt by the author to give his fanon "more color".