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This article is an advanced form of the Forerunner Technological Achievement Tiers. It outlines species preferences and technologies better than the original Halopedia Version.

The Technological Achievement Tiers of Sentient Organisms involves separating the advancement of Organisms into separate Tiers, with smaller separations within the tiers.

Method of Outlining


Tiers are the largest denomination, in which smaller, inner-tiers are located in.


Species shows great prominence of advancing to the next Tier in certain technologies.


Species is doing well and may advance further given time.


Species has many new technologies that are still within the certain tier. They may settle in this tier without outside intervention.


Species has just entered the tier and is advancing well, heading up the inner-tier ladder.


Species uses this tier's technologies for advanced warfare and may or has gone extinct by their own doing.


These are the technological achievement scale's multiple achievement tiers.

Tier 10: Animalistic

This tier is for almost every known animal species. This is when organisms are focused on only the basics of life in animals like finding food, shelter, and trying to advance their genes to the next generation. No real description can be given in this stage, as species is below the Delta of the inner-tier scale.

Tier 9: Evolutionary

Species classified in this Tier have often begun to hunt together and are forming social structures. The organisms however are still somewhat animalistic and will not be able to comprehend better concepts.


Species so-far is still working with intellegance and has few technologies other than naturally formed tools (i.e rocks and sticks).


Many organisms settle in this tier if they do not advance quickly. Gamma-stage organisms usually have some technologies of a Tier 7 species (i.e spears, arrows, home making), but are still using too little to become a Tier-8 species.


Organisms are rapidly advancing and already have gained many Tier-8 concepts. The species will acend to the next Tier within the next thousand years.

Tier 8: Post-Evolutionary


The species has recognized the need for clothing and better shelter. Many such species find caves or hallows as they did in their Tier-10 stage.


Organisms are now showing concepts of grouping, and have set up a moch-social structure. Some time will be needed before the species becomes Tier-7.


Species has begun to craft weapons and tools. Some specialized species will begin to make shelter. Many species have started creating multiple-god religions and are concocting myths on how the universe was formed.

Tier 7: Pre-Industrial

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