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Templar-class Heavy Corvette
Production information


Technical specifications

956 metres


399 metres

  • 6 Plasma Cannons
  • 12 Pulse Lasers
  • Point Defence Plasma Cannons

Necros War




The Templar-class Heavy Corvette is a class of USR ship.


The Templar-class is a ubiquitous class of combat vessel used by the USR for a variety of purposes. The Templar has changed little from its predecessor, the SDV-class Heavy Corvette, and still represents a finely balanced warship for both offensive and defensive operations.

The Templar has a wide variety of roles within the USR Navy, filling a wide number of roles. It can be used as a light escort, escorting large warships and providing defence for them against more nimble opponents in exchange for fighter defence or heavy weapon coverage. It may also be used as a planetary assault ship, being nimble enough enough to avoid planetary defences, and carrying a sizeable complement of ground forces, including heavy armour, air support fighters, and a large complement of Seraph fighters. It can also provide limited orbital bombardment and has a full complement of drop pods, allowing it to drop a large number of forces to secure and beachhead.

The Templar has relatively moderate armour and shielding, with powerful engines and sizeable complement, but also has a moderate weapons complement. It has six plasma cannons, arranged in two two batteries of three. It has a number of defensive plasma flak cannon batteries, interspersed between the main and secondary hull, and pulse lasers spread across the majority of the hull.

Its single launch bay contains a number of Phantom Dropships, Seraph fighters, Banshees and an attached cargo bay with light and heavy armour for deployment to the surface. Externally, it also contains several more Seraphs in external docks, for quick deployment to the fight.

Though close in size to a cruiser, due to its light armament and high complement, it tends to be of little threat to something of similar size, and closer in terms of lethality to UNSC Frigates, and is often used in similar roles.

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