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Terran Taskforce
Terran Taskforce
Production information
Technical specifications
  • 80 different captial ships (most marathons or retrofitted halcyons)
  • 112th Naval Squadron
  • Several Formations of Longswords and Rapier Interceptors
Year introduced



strike fleet






The Terran Taskforce was a small taskforce of ships that ususally patrolled in inner colonies for covenant forces. It was commished on October 15th, 2540, with the Metal Sovereign as it's flagship and under the command of Admiral George A. Walter. It served in dozens of battles during it's time but most of them are classified. However, one battle it served in was not classified. On December 4th, 2552, it engaged a small Covenant Force over the inner colony planet Terra IV. However, right as the day seemed won, a much larger Covie force jumped insystem, and laid waist to the taskforce. 15 ships were destroyed, and only 5 badly damaged Marathons, one frigate, and four modified Halcyon's managed to slip away. These ships jumped into slipspace, heading off on a random jump, hoping to find safe refuge among the stars to repair.

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