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Terminal This article, The Antediluvian, was written by Ajax 013. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.
"In my palace deep, Lyca lies asleep"
―The Antediluvian

Unique units of the Necros


She Who Hungers | The Antediluvian | The Council of Legion

The Original 13

Hel | Hades | Persephone | Charon | Grimnir | Anubis | Thoth | Thanatos | Morrigan | Enma | Izanami | Apollyon | Set

The Seven

Lust | Gluttony | Greed | Sloth | Wrath | Envy | Pride

The Hydra Triumvirate

Fear | Terror | Horror

Four Horsemen

Pestilence | War | Famine | Death

Unique Units

Terror | Leaper | Cecile Vi Necros | Goliath | Gladiator | Tanker | Python | Demon | Virus | Toxin

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