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The Artifact
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June 15th, 2559






The Artifact is the first campaign level of ODST Chronicles. This level doesn't have any actual gameplay, it is the opening cinematic.



  • Jone: "Damn why are we wasting our time here, there's nothing here just scarp pieces of metal"
  • Ricky: "Stop complaining Jone, lets go over to that ship over there"

Ricky and Jone go to the very little remains of a heavily damaged Covenant battlecruiser

  • Jone: "Wow this ship looks like its been hell and back, you know what's the story with this"
  • Ricky: "Hey keep your eyes open I don't know if there could be but there might be something alive in here"

Ricky had started started to walk outside the crash site, r'ight outside the portal of the Ark, Ricky finds a Forerunner EMP while searching through the scrap metal pieces of the battle.

  • Ricky: "Hey what's this.....scanners say its Forerunner."

Right as he starts to examine the artifact it sends out a electro magnetic pulse. On the edge of the sol system three Covenant prison ships are reactived. They soon head to the planet Earth. Back on Earth Jone goes to Ricky.

  • Jone: "Ricky, Ricky are you ok, what happened"
  • Ricky: "I don't know, I think this is Forerunne tech, hey follow me"

{The scene fades out with Ricky and Jone going to the ruins of New Mombasa}


  • This cutscene is the shortest opening intro in the halo franchise so far, and acts as setup for the main plot of the game.
  • Even though its never adressed, Ricky and Jone were at Voi.
  • The cutscene doesn't show Ricky and Jone going to their warthog.
  • It is never explained how some of the Covenant Ship is still intact.