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Battle of Mercury III


Human-New Covenant War (started "unofficially" 2563)


Classified exact date, 2563


Surface of planet Mercury III, Checker star system


UNSC-Sangheili-Old Covenant strategic-pyrrhic victory

  • UNSC-Sangheili
  • Old Covenant
  • Forerunner AI 111 Destructive Obelisk
  • New Covenant (only vaguely involved at the end)
  • Vice Admiral Turner
  • Fleet Master 'Guran
  • Various other Ship Masters, admirals, and captains
  • Team Viper
    • Eric-G292
    • Shawn-D317
    • Simon-D318
    • Other SPARTAN-III and four other SPARTAN-IIs
  • Fleet of Extraordinary Musing
    • UNSC Destroyer Pegasi
    • UNSC Destroyer Honeymoon
    • UNSC Supercarrier The Devil
    • Other Old Covenant and UNSC-Sangheili ships

Exact number unknown, probably around 350 pentillion Forerunner Sentinels


Extremely high casualties, estimate 350,510 troops, including nearly 55 UNSC ships and up to 100 Old Covenant and Sangheili ships

All Forerunner Sentinels, 111 Destructive Obelisk presumed dead, whereabouts specifically unknown


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