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There is no end to anything,

there is only a beginning.

The Castle Timeline focuses on everything Halo. Canon and fanon. Happy? It incorporates what happens starting from the 22nd century to the 27th-28th century.

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Rollersox's Universe

Human Characters

Leon Brock

Covenant Characters

Arla 'Vadam


Eric-G292, Jared-097, Isaac-S097, Codename: BANE (suspected), many others


Units and Civilians

Epsilon Company, Delta Company, SPARTAN-IV Program, TITAN Program, BANDIT Program, Josh Kenson

UNSC Aircraft/Spacecraft

Tech and Vehicles

SPECTRE Powered Stealth Assault Armor, MERLIN Stealth Flexible Powered Assault Armor, EXCALIBUR Powered Assault Armor

The Battle of Mercury III, Human-New Covenant War, other minor engagements


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