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The Colonial Rebellion
A compilation of Colonial era and Second Great War works by T. Corbett et al.



Mother is a short poem and the first finished piece of the project. It vaguely reveals various aspects of the UNSC and the Human sphere following the First Great War. For any that are interested, the identity of the "Mother" is up to one's opinion.



Contacts explores various events preceding the Second Great War. It largely follows Ozone Six, an ultra-secretive squad-sized unit led by former shock trooper James Corbett. It will also follow the zealous Xar 'Mantakree in his quest for glory.


Plague, while not started at the moment, will be centered around a largely confidential subject, though it will be associated with Project DEVIANT TORTOISE and 11438-PB09, to give a few hints.


Fallout will explore a gruesome, dooming theater of warfare barely touched upon by Halo canon: nuclear attack. Prepare for a wild adventure of stunning hardship and survival in this epic tail-to-come.