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The Connected were a race of deadly,cyberorganic organisms that invaded the Jiralhanian Empire in 2580.They looked similar to the octopus like robots from The Matrix,but were technically androids.Their home planet was a giant computer that was destroyed in the Battle of Survival in 2582.The Connected were unstoppable when it came to space combat,able to tear apart ships in milliseconds.They were defeated when the Empress of the Jiralhanian Empire,Phoenixus,used a deadly computer virus to destroy the enemy command ships,causing the Connected not to do anything at all because they were not getting any orders.It is unknown what happened to their species after the Battle for Survival.It is likely they are living in the deep caverns under their planets crust.The Panther Glassing ship is being built to keep these remnants from starting another war.

Source: Halo: Rise of an Empire