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"You say that I had finally turned against the Flood? The Covenant Empire also? You do not know how relieved that I am to hear such a thing... Oh my era of penance may have finally begun. After all, it seems like something that I would have done..."
―The Contender referring to it's alter ego, "The Sustenance"

"The Contender" was a fragment of 05-032 Mendicant Bias' abstracted personality.

Mendicant Bias was a Contender-class Ancilla, therefore, it's name suggests that it may be the least corrupted core, still composed of it's basic protocols and memories.

Throughout the Battle of the Zenith Complex, Spartan-III Riley-G311 encountered multiple data terminals that seemed to be linked to some sort of intelligence rooted-into the dyson sphere. The intelligence later revealed itself to be "The Contender". The AI elaborated that it was a surviving, lost fragment of a separated AI construct, and requested that Riley recover it's personality core from a planet in the artificial star system, in the sphere, and that it was capable of providing the United Nations Space Command with vital knowledge that would help them reclaim their predestined position as the Keepers of the Mantle. Therefore, "The Contender" assisted in the formation of the Interstellar Union. How The Contender was found at this location is yet unknown.

The AI fragment agreed upon filling the Office of Naval Intelligence and the United Earth Government in on historical knowledge, such as the Human-Forerunner War, the rise of the Flood, and the Order of the Mantle, etc.. Seven years after being salvaged, in the year 2559, the UNSC refitted The Contender with a new, physical, non-holographic avatar designed in the vision of its original form.


In order to prevent Mendicant Bias from subverting or harming him, Offensive Bias had shattered the mind of Mendicant Bias into its component sections and scattered them throughout the few remaining ships of his fleet for transport to Installation 00, where he would study the fallen AI construct. Much of his fleet was destroyed or ravaged by the Flood, as per the case with The Contender.

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