This artcle is parralel continuity from the official halo series.

A Hornet flys up to the third tower in the Halo 3 leval The Covenant. Note Master Chief is now inside the third tower. The Hornet is flown by a Spartan wearing Security Armor. The Hornet also has two ODSTs on either side, each wielding rocket launchers.
  • Spartan 118: Get ready guys Cortana thinks the flood will come. And when they do we will be ready.
  • ODST One: And all we have to do is protect that dude Ship master Rtas 'Vadum's ship?
  • Spartan 118: Yep. The problem is they do not think the flood will come. But Cortana dose. I do not know who to believe.
  • ODST Two: Well I beilve Cortana. I mean think about it a super smart holo-gram thing or some smelly elite. Who do you think is right?
  • ODST One: Good point. Why should we believe an elite?
  • Spartan 118: Will both of you stop. The point is that if the flood come we can help the elites.
Debris from High Charity strikes right through the Ship Master's ship. And Commander Keyes tells Ship Master to stay away from the flood.
  • Commander Keyes: OK 118 stay there and fight off some of the flood. But if any of your men is out of ammo leave ASAP.
  • Spartan 118: Copy that Commander. OK men go for the Carrier Forms and Combat Forms. But do not waist your ammo on the Infection forms... Let the Chief take care of those.
Spartan 118 and his two ODSTs fight the flood until Maser Chief takes over.
  • Cast:
  • Spartan 118 as Spartan 118
  • ODST One as Private Walpole
  • ODST Two as Joe
  • Commander Keyes as Commander Miranda Keyes

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