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"The Director"[1] is the anonymous pseudonym for an officer of the UNSC Defense Force and the UNSC Office of Naval Intelligence.


During the War, The Director served as the Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence as a Vice Admiral and was associated with numerous black operations, putting him on par with the notorious Dr. Catherine Halsey. The Director was rumored to be involved on a deep-penetration bombing raid to Sangheilios and to direct an ONI program that was responsible for the assassination of a dozen high-ranking senior San'Shyuum and Sangheili military commanders in the field. Near the closure of the War, The Director was implicated in the direction of the UNSC resistance under the Covenant occupation of Earth, and his actions were said to have delayed the falling of several urban metropolises, including New York and New Delphi, to allow for the civilian population to escape into the wilderness.

After the War, The Director became involved with ONI's manipulations in the peace being brokered on Sanghelios.


The Director is an impersonal figure — he attained a highly venerated history of service in ONI prior to the Human-Covenant War, and had attained a mythological status that exempted him from the trappings of society and the military. After his ascension to the office of the Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence, he became colloquially referred to as "The Director" because he was frequently seen to have powers and privileges rivaling the Director of Naval Intelligence, and his immediate subordinates were said to coordinately respect and fear him for his exceptional and distinguished history but also his emerging inhuman, bitterly cold personality. However, The Director was said to have no ambitions — he never vyed for the office of the Director of Naval Intelligence, and was never seen battling with military officials for increased funding for his personal projects. However, his personality is deeply impersonal and cold, his family name has fallen out of favor for the simple pseudonym of "The Director", and he has redacted all his family and personal information from all ONI and UNSC mainframes, effectively painting himself as an anonymous ghost. He has occupied his position before the War's advent, and has had decades of experience, watching, learning, and acting, making his opinion an immediately respectable one in any circles high enough to know of his legend.


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