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40px-Terminal.png This article, The Enclave, was written by Ajax 013. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

Author: CODENAME:AXON/UNSC Prophet (Athena-class Prowler)
Recipient: CODENAME:TURK/Relay to ONICOM/Relay to HIGHCOM
Subject: Deep Necros probe
Location: X14

Our final reports are in from our exploration. We moved from the Jaguar expanse to about 10 light years past the Iris Nebula. We were never detected, or at least pursued. We found nothing thats not consistant with outher reports. Conversion facilities, shipyards, assemblies, factory planets, mining planets, military assembly zones, and so on. However, there was something, he picked up slipspace communications while we were scanning around the Iris Nebula. That in itself is not unusual but it was chatter on their combat network. Combat reports and orders. They were fighting something about 27 light years from our position. Who or what I don't know. I wouldn't imagine the Necros needed training exercises so whoever they were fighting has stumped me. Whatever it was so, it was causing some serious casualties to them. They started diverting fleets heading for the Gundark pocket straight to this warzone, which means Operation: REDEMPTION is going to become a hell of alot easier.

Also, TURK, hows your family doing, I hear your son is applying for the OCS so he can head on for ONI, must be good to have him following in your footsteps and not going to the meat grinder at the front eh?


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