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Known as the Excession at Voi by the scientific community or more commonly as the Portal or Artifact by the general UNSC public, the Excession is a massive Forerunner still-operating relic underneath New Mombasa, Kenya on the continent of Africa. The Excession was designed to generate a slipspace portal four kilometers above ground level which linked to a small Forerunner probe twenty eight million kilometers from the main arms of Installation 00, the probe forces the slipstream rupture to remain open allowing slipspace-worthy craft to return to their point of origin. The Excession hidden under New Mombasa on Earth was constructed by huge Stato-Sentinels under the command of the Forerunner known as Librarian, who appears in many recovered texts on Forerunner databases and was hidden before the Halo Array went active. It was later uncovered by a sentient species alliance known as the Covenant Empire, during the final months of the Human-Covenant War in 2552.


Forerunner Era

Great War Era

Rebuild Era

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