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Terminal This article, The Exclamators, was written by ONI recon 111. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.
"They arrived, they left less than a day later, leaving no life, only a mark, their mark of war, leading more syphodyte towards humanity"
Biological information


Physical description

3-4 meters


20 stone


Large, sacrificial

Military and Political information



Exclamator warpath

Other Names

Bringers of war


The Exclamators were in the Syphodyte Empire, until they split away. They caused the Syphodyte to break the 400 millennia of peace.


They were discovered by the syphodyte empire and brought into it. 1000 years before they met the humans they disagreed with the emporor and the entire species split. They decemated worlds and caused violence to break down the empire.

For 1000 years they were hunted by the Syphodyte, until they came across the humans and elites, who were willing to help the exclamators. When the exclamators revealed that it was the syphodyte they were fighting, the humans and elites agreed to help, aslong as they were left alone after the campaign.


The Excalmators have no social life, and all of them are trained with weapons. They are a military race, but strangly have no tactics at all.

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