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40px-Terminal.png This article, The Eye (Level), was written by Guesty-Persony-Thingy and RelentlessRecusant. Please do not edit this fiction without the writers' permission.
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Withering Heights 1

A 3D wireframe of Withering Heights made by Guesty-Persony-Thingy and edited by RelentlessRecusant.

Withering Heights 2

A bird's eye view of Withering Heights with weapons placements.

Withering Heights 3

Another angle's perspective on a wireframe of Withering Heights.

The Eye is a fictional Halo 2 multiplayer map created by Guesty-Persony-Thingy and RelentlessRecusant.


The Eye is a small, abandoned, and battered Forerunner station hanging in the tremulous winds of the gas giant of Threshold. Long forsaken even by the Heretics, lack of continual maintenance has allowed it to fall into disrepair: the station itself is crumpling, and at places, the roofs and walls have caved in, making pitfalls for the unaware, and the safety fields enclosing the station's sides have failed, making the outside walkways dangerous for the careless zoomed-in strafer.

The station, however, is saved from a crushing death within the maelstrom, because of its unique position: it pertually hangs in the exact center of the deathly winds: the eye of the storm. Placed there by the design or by accident?


The Eye is one of the smallest multiplayer maps, smaller than Lockout, and is deliberately small with a higher density of weapons to facilitate intense close-quarters firefights even in 4v4 games without resorting to BTB Team Slayer (8v8 games). There are two bases, each consisting of three well-defined floors, interconnected by walkways that stem from all three stories. Each bases's floors can be transversed by a variety of unique ramps, platforms, and staircases, while the interconnecting bridges themselves can be transversed floor by floor by means of a series of ramps that run in their center. On the very top of the third bridge is a raised platform that features a pair of M247GP machine-gun turrets: one pointed at one base, another pointed at the other, making it a useful control point.

The bases are of slightly different sizes: the smaller one (left, first wireframe) is named "Attack Base", and the large one (right, first wireframe), is named "Defense Base". While in games of traditional Team Slayer this is of minimal importance, this polarizes 1 Flag CTF games that are the recommended gametype for The Eye.

Attack Base

The Attack Base features three "power weapons": on its lowest floor, it holds a Shotgun, on its second floor, it holds a Brute Shot, and on a back ledge behind the second floor there is a Sniper Rifle, which gives the attacking team the beginning advantage in any game of 1 Flag CTF, although not as much of an advantage as one would originally think. A Magnum also spawns in the back of the second floor room, and on the outside staircase spawns plasma grenades and dual Needlers. A Battle Rifle is strategically positioned on the third floor.

Its layout is as follows: the lowest floor, the first floor, its partly holed. One of its back corners is completely missing, making falling off into the plunging winds below an option. On its right side is a small ledge which turns into a staircase that runs along the side of the attack base, allowing attackers to shuttle from floor to floor of their base, ableit at the cost of exposing themselves from fire from the defending base and the central turret platform. An opening at the front of the floor leads to the walkway that connects the two first floors of both bases.

The second floor is perhaps most important: in its interior is the Brute Shot and Magnum, and at its left side and back are small openings to a ledge that runs along the back-left side of the base: a useful perch with a Sniper Rifle that has an unusually wide vantage point over the map to facilitate sniping. While its left and back sides open up, its front side also has an opening to the three-story staircase that binds together the base and allows for movement between floors and also the walkway to the opposing second floor. However, it is not fully enclosed by the third floor above it: most of the second floor is exposed to the winds above, and players can easily jump off the third floor into the second floor from above.

The third floor is heavily damaged: only a slender corner of metal mounted on the forward left side of the attack base is all that remains after the damaging winds took their toll. While players can move backwards and fall into the second floor beneath them, the three-story staircase curves around to the left side of the third floor, and in front of the third floor is the walkway to the far third floor and also the central turret platform. A Battle Rifle spawns on the third floor, useful for the occasional mid-range firefight against the far third floor.

Defense Base

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