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The First is first Avias to be created by the Forerunner military scientist Theos. First was created from the same genetic sequence as the previously created Huragok, but instead of a advanced engineering role that the Huragok filled, the Avias were to become an expendable soldier for the Forerunner military. Although First was created far too late into the war to be as effective as Theos had initially planned, Theos left a Contender-Class AI named 757 Lasting Birth in charge of her experiments and the growth of First and his subsequent children. As Avias can pass down information and memories through their worms, First was subjected to numerous intense sessions where Birth would select key memory patterns and force it into First's already overloaded but advanced brain.

Despite such an unique way of being able to transfer key memories down the generations, memories still can fade throughout time and First, Theos and the reason why the Avias exist has been lost in myth and legend.

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