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Blackburn et. al (2608). The Forerunner Hypothesis. Nature (3416): 512-515

The Forerunner Hypothesis

Kimberly I. Blackburn1, 2, †, Redmond Shepherd1, 2, 3, Cassandra Shepherd1, 2, 4, Peter Thoreau2, 5 & Kawika Son2, †

1Harvard Stem Cell Institute and the Department of Stem Cell & Regenerative Biology and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Earth, Sol System
2UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command, Asphodel Meadows, 47 Ursae Majoris System
3Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology Division, Earth, Sol
4Acumen Science Laboratories, Department of Human Genetics, Earth, Sol
5UNSC Office of Naval Intelligence, Department of Strategic Intelligence, Asphodel Meadows, 47 Ursae Majoris System
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The Galactic War was a galaxy-wide conflict instigated by the United Nations Space Command in 2605-2608 that culminated in the discovery of an artificial Forerunner installation at the NGC 2359 open nebula, known as “Sanctuary”. Here, we posit a Forerunner hypothesis to explain the superhuman phenomena at the climax of the Galactic War. Our study correlates ultraconserved elements in the genomes of sentient species in the Orion Arm with highly advanced Forerunner technologies contained within the Sanctuary that had the capability to perform high-throughput automated homologous modification of dideoxynucleotide genomes. Furthermore, we show that while there is ultraconservation of genetic elements throughout sentient species, a unique subset of these elements is exclusive to humans and not to any other sequenced sentient species. Moreover, we show that pharmacological or electromagnetic activation of these human-specific elements in their endogenous loci leads to a distinct and unvarying neurological phenotype that explains supernatural abilities conferred upon humans during the Galactic War. Therefore, our study demonstrates a conclusive Forerunner origin for unnatural attributes of the human race.

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