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The Forerunners Chronicles: Extinction

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40px-Terminal.png This article, The Forerunners Chronicles: Extinction, was written by Sonasaurus. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.
The Forerunners Chronicles: Extinction
TFC Extinction
SPARTAN-116 lures the Covenant fragment through the passage of time itself in an attempt to defeat them, save those that were thought to be lost, and even achieve the unthinkable. He must do it, however, without distorting the existence of past and present, or he may destroy the fabric of reality itself...
Protagonist Felix-116
Antagonist Metiderus
Author Sonasaurus
Date Published October 9, 2009 (original)
Pending (re-release)
Previous Story The Plains of Anduu
Next Story Reckoning
Story Series The Forerunners Chronicles



Time 02:63:11 (Accuracy 1/10 to that of Forerunner Time Unit), twenty-second sunrise shift of the third month (Doisac time unit, based on Forerunner time unit)

Location: Plains of Anduu, planet G522d

2340 Hours, May 25, 2556 (Military Calendar)

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