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"A Gateway? to what?"
―Unnamed UNSC Marine
"Thats what we're about to find out"
SPARTAN-003 to Unnamed Marine
'The Gateway'
Background Information

Unknown, presumed to be outside Milky Way


Unknown, presumed active

Date of Construction



The Gateway was a Precursor-built installation, first discovered by the UNSC in 2589.


The Gateway was built by the Precursor's for interstellar travel, possibly between galaxies. It's location was lost when the Precursors disappeared, and was only accessible by the transportation systems of The Casket, which were undiscovered until 2589.


First found in 2589 after the Forerunner AI Cody led UNSC forces to the Casket, the human forces were met by a Syphodyte detachment, whom had broken away from the Syphodyte empire thousands of years prior to its fall, in search for ancient relics.

The Syphodyte, hell-bent on revenge, believed that opening the Gateway would bring back their Precursor fore-fathers, and allow them to take their place as gods, whilst the Precursor's return from their ascension, and wage war against the galaxy at the command of the Syphodyte.