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The Government is a group that specializes in altering Covenant technology.


The Government is a breakaway group of the UNSC who are intent on modifying Covenant weaponry and vehicles. They take in prisoners, Human and Covenant, to test the weapons on. However, many small rebel organizations resisted and released many prisoners and stole many of the experimental things. The UNSC sent many troops and hired mercenaries to stop The Government, but are currently unsuccessful.


The Government stole several MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor and Hayabusa Powered Assault Armor for their troops. However, since the Powered Assault Armors were meant for Spartans and not regular men, The Government had to downgrade the armor so its only feature is the HUD and the energy shields.

Minor Class Soldier

Minor Class Soldiers are usually clad in CQB armor. They are armed with usually a Battle Rifle or Assault Rifle.

Major Class Soldier

Major Class Soldiers have Hayabusa armor. They wield modified Covenant weapons.

Modified Weapons

  • Plasma Pistol- The Plasma Pistol has been modified by The Government to no longer be a weapon, but a tool. When The Government saw the Plasma Pistol's slow and weak attack, they decided to change it into a tool, instead of a weapon. The entire inner workings of the Plasma Pistol were removed and replaced with remotes. The modified plasma pistol is now a hand held remote tool. It can record data from computers or other databases when it is "shot".
  • Spiker- The Spiker was modified to fire short blasts, like the Mauler. Instead of shooting spikes, it shoots small, thin needles from both of its nozzles. When these spikes are embedded in one's body, it would usually kill them off slowly and painfully.