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Has anyone ever wondered what any of the other installations looked like? Anyone ever wondered where exactly they are? I have and this story just popped into my head. This story is about the monitor of installation 06 and how he must obey protocol when what he calls "reclaimers" accidentally discover his installation. 


The monitor zoomed across the "air" as he carelessly hummed to himself. It twirled and flipped as it came across a peculiar mountain. It was a tall snowcapped mountain similar to Mt. Killamanjaro but the monitor wouldn't have known that. It spun around the mountain silently for a moment then as if he were crazy he spoke to it.

"Why hello there," It said, it's voice echoing because of his robotic structure. However, it had a smooth manly but cold voice etched in there. "I haven't seen you around here lately. However, I only see my usual round of fleshy objects and i seldom see a being like you."

The monitor stayed silent as if it were waiting for a reply. Sadly it didn't get one and it made a low humming noise. "I see how it is. Fine then, if you do not wish to talk to me then you shall talk to no one. You are now on my black list, how does that make you feel?"

No reply.

"I see you are speechless, you are appalled.  Shocked that I am bestowing this upon you, hmm? Anyway do not answer that because it would be silly if you did. I want you silent for the rest of your life span, you here me? That is a direct order from your superior." After a moment the monitor added, "Good day." He then zoomed past the inanimate object.

This is the monitor of Installation 06. This is 16807 Lissome Judgement monitor of Installation 06.