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The Immortal Emblem

In incendia of abyssus (Into the fires of hell) - The Immortals' Rally Cry

The Immortals are an elite group of non-augmented UNSC Shocktroops. Usually consisting of Mercenaries and Outlaws, although having a small contingent of well-trained Marines within the ranks, these elite soldiers are usually deployed into high-risk warzones where hostile combatants are deemed 'overly-determined'and will not give up their positions.

Foundation and Notable Actions

After the Jovian Moons Campaign, the UNSC was quickly ushered into the task of mobilizing an infantry unit capable of rapid-response and 'penetration and annihilation' of hostiles. It was first put into action against the Covenant in 2539 in the Vahalla VII Conflict for use against a Covenant Command Centre.

The Immortals were also put into action on Eden, a distant planet in a system not far from the galactic centre, where they destroyed a Covenant Supercarrier harnessing plasma gases from the planet's core.

They were also present at Epsilon Eridani V in 2542, Anaon in 2549, Jannah in 2551 and Mars in 2552


The Standard issue equipment of the Immortals are -

  • MA3/52 ICWS (Re-manufactured version of the orginal MA3)
  • M5A/M6D Pistols
  • P150K SMGPDW
  • Pandora SRS99S1AM (Sniper Rifle System Type 99 Series 1 Anti-Material)
  • M50 Anti-Vehicular Munitions Launcher
  • M2 Anti-Personnel High Ex-Incendiary Grenade
  • Lexus ATM1344/2530 Anti Tank Mine
  • Manhattan Tactical Nuclear Device

Immortals were also highy encouraged to bring personal weapons to combat to save time and money for the UNSC


The Immortals are based on the Persian Immortals, and the concept is the same, heavy infantry who fight to the death for their king and country. And as the Persians, the Immortals are called the Immortals due to the likelihood of death, in which these men and women would be replaced with another almost immediately, hence giving them the name, The Immortals.


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