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The Insurrection was a planetary-wide military conflict lasting from 2492 to 2537 which involved most of the colonial systems under the United Earth Government. The undeclared war is generally considered to have begun in 2492, with the UNSC's takedown of the Far Isle rebellion which gave rise to the formation of various loosely organized groups of rebels. Originally confined mostly to a few systems in the Outer Colonies, the war spread to several other systems in the Inner Colonies during the decades. It coincides with the Human-Covenant War, resulting the UNSC to fight a two-sides campaign.


Following the aftermath of the Inner Colony Wars, several colonial organisations under the Colonial Administration Authority began demanding for greater political autonomy and for full political secession from the UEG. They sought for the establishment of independent governance, feeling that...

Course of the Insurrection

Formation of the Insurrectionist movement

Main articles: Far Isle Rebellion (2492) and Callisto Incident (2494)

Early Stages

Main article: Nitroneon Rebellion (2499)

Spreading into the Inner Colonies

Main article: Third Eridanus Rebellion (2513)

Collapse of the Insurrectionist movement

Main article: The Mamore Insurrection (2537)



Cquote1 History looks upon this time as an unfortunate (and perhaps inevitable?) misunderstanding between Earth and her colonies, but those fighting for the last decade also realize that it was the most amazing piece of blind fortune the human race has ever stumbled upon. Had we not been armed and learning how to fight in space... what would have happened in the years that followed, when we faced an enemy a hundred times worse? Oblivion, no doubt. Cquote2


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