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The Intelligence
Biological information

NGC 224(Andromeda Galaxy), Exact location unknown

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Other Names
  • Codename: OBSERVER
  • Big Brother from Another Galaxy
  • The Eye
  • NGC 224 Pen Pal

The Intelligence, more commonly known to ONI.DSHOI as The NGC 224 Intelligence, is either a person, artificial intelligence or program that has been contacting the UNSC for over 40 years.


The Intelligence was first known to the UNSC on 5 August 2523, when it messaged Computer Programmer Sgt. Jacob Ellington. He spoke with it for a few minutes, during which it asked about the UNSC, it's purpose and methods, and who it's species's leader was. The technician directed the Intelligence to the Office of the UNSC Council, where a special meeting was convened to speak with it. During this convening, it asked all kinds of questions, about Humanity in general, it's quirks and accomplishments. When the Intelligence began asking about things that could be considered classified material, they had to direct it away from those subjects. However, when the Intelligence proved it's worth by transmitting over 1,000,000 terabytes of data about the Milky way, effectively giving the Council a map of the entire galaxy, in every input known to man; Visible light images, records and studies from various species, particle scans and identification of every particle in the galaxy, etc.
The UNSC Council suggested Sgt. Ellington to set up a "hotline", so to speak, with the Intelligence. After a few weeks of decoding the information, it was later revealed that no known computer could analyze and process the information. The Council thought that this creature was attempting to gain their trust with a "whole lotta bullshit", as labeled by Councilor Edward Tampa. ONI technicians told the Council it would take a lot more processing power to generate the "bullshit" than it was to analyze it.

The UNSC Council agreed to set up a open conversation with The Intelligence, as it came to be called, so they could contact each other whenever they needed to.

First Conversation

A few weeks after the destruction at Harvest, The Intelligence communicated through the Pony Express, as the hotline was called, querying into the information the UNSC had on "The Covenant". When the UNSC replied that they had none, The Intelligence gave them some of the basic information it could allow to them, but it had little as it was, because of it's distance from Covenant space. It sent it's condolences about Harvest, then terminated the signal.