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Ambushes on the Joyl system
Jiralhanae strike

A Jiralhanae fleet ready to engage a Sangheili battlegroup


Sangheili-Jiralhanae War


may 8, 2553(Human calendar)


deep space area of the Joyl system


Jiralhanae crushing and strategic victory


Sangheili hunting forces

Jiralhanae fleet


Unknown Sangheili commanders

Chieftain Marturus and 2 trusted commanders


3 Sagheili battlegroups: 4 ccs battlecruisers and 1 reverence class per group

3 Jiralhanae fleets: Unknown forces, presumably a dozen times larger than the Sangheili


all battlegroups completely destroyed

none or irrilevant losses


The Joyl system Ambushes were the first relevant engagements in the Sangheili-Jiralhane War.

Although since the Great Schysm the Sangheili actually never stopped fighting the Jiralhanae, all engagements from the end of the war against the UNSC to this defeat were insignificant: in fact, in that time the major naval battles included not more than 3-4 ships, and usually ended with the Sangheili winning or both forces retreating without heavy losses.

A Sangheili Ship Master stated about the Jiralhanae " They seems unsure what to do on the battle, and despite their nature they prefer to avoid us than fight to death".

That Sangheili didn't know that the Prophet of Renovation and the Chieftain Marturus were taking power over the whole Jiralhanae army, but it took some time for the commanders near the Sangheili perimeter to learn about the new leadership and for some time they didn't receive orders or had contacts with their Master packs.