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Kaaranese Upheaval


Age of Conquest






Exile of native religious leaders, replacement with San'Shyuum belief system. Religious oppression for the next 429 years.


San'Shyuum Regional Governors

The Sacred Order of The Bringers of Holy Light


The arrival of the Covenant to Ketesh was a brief, but tumultuous time for its inhabitants. Their entire arsenal of technology was suddenly rendered obsolete by Covenant weaponry; their historical beliefs were challenged by the revelation that they were descended from the Sanghelios Sangheili; their view of the galaxy changed, with Covenant knowledge brought to the planet. But while these were all benefits to the Kaaranese Sangheili, the arrival of the Prophet's religious doctrine proved disasterous for the Cult of Quenyathar, the central power behind the native Kaaranese religion. Persecuted by the Prophets, the Great Upheaval saw their practitioners arrested and convicted of heresy, and the Order's members hunted and driven into exile. By its end, the Prophets had a firm grip on the local Sangheili religion - though many remained, and still remain sympathetic, to the Order.

First Contact


Rising Hostilities

Cloistering Expectancy

The Great Upheaval