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The Last Chime of Big Ben
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Date Published Started March 2, 2011


The year is 2552. The war between the UNSC and the Covenant Empire has reached it's last leg, evident by the fact that the Human stronghold of Reach had fallen and the Covenant found Earth. Within weeks of the invasion, the Covenant would have atleast one Carrier over every continent on the planet. Though outgunned and overwhelmed, the UNSC forces refused to stop fighting. Humans everywhere around the world rose up in resistance, fighting with the hope that somehow a miracle would unfold.

Eviction Notice

Sergeant Major John Anderson peered through the scope of the Sniper Rifle at Victoria Tower. Anderson focused in on two Sniper Jackals neglecting their guard duties and conversing with one another. John could hear himself breath heavily and his own heart beating. Having predicted his shots, Anderson held his breathe and squeezed the trigger twice, putting a round through the head of one sniper and the chest of the other.

"Alright Marines, let's move," said Anderson over his earpiece. John took the Sniper Rifle away from his face and got up from his prone position near an over-turned Warthog. Several other marines also rose up and began to make their way across Victoria Tower Gardens toward Westminster Palace.

Anderson was leading these brave men and women in a risky operation to retake the Palace of Westminster from Covenant forces who captured the palace and used it as a base of operations. Anderson had plans of retaking it and turning it into a rally point for the scattered UNSC forces in London.

Anderson slung the Sniper Rifle onto his back and bent over to take ammunition off of the corpse of the original owner of the Sniper Rifle. While he was at it, John grabbed the fallen soldier's dog-tag and put it in one of the pockets on his body armor. He slung his Battle Rifle back around into his hands and made his way toward the palace with the rest of the Marines.

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The Last Chime of Big Ben