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"The Lexicon is in peril, hurry..."

The Lexicon is the data archive of all Precursor knowledge, ranging from their history, technology to their last condemn knowledge before their extinction. It has been lost for eons, somewhere in the emptiness of space. Archivist-7-Reticent was the last Precursor AI to see the Lexicon before it disappear.


The Lexicon is the data archive of all Precursor's knowledge. It holds all the records of the Precursors encounters, possible wars, referenced civilization across the galaxy and above all, the birth of the universe. The Lexicon with its unlimited matrix of memory has also been referred as the key to the gateway of the Mantle, a Precursor structure with an unknown purpose placed around the galaxy.


With all the stored knowledge of the Precursor, the Lexicon was considered very important, and so was given to an AI construct to guard over it. However, not wanting to risk the Lexicon falling under the wrong hands, they created a cycle system where a total of 7 constructs would have the responsibility of keeping the Lexicon every 14 years. After the duration, new constructs would be brought in to become the next Keeper.

The Keeper would guard the archive by confining it within a locked Slipspace rift from multiple location. Only these 7 constructs and one Alpha AI would be able to access the rift with a permission code available only from a superior Precursor. It is presumed that there is one surviving Keeper of the 7 constructs but its location are lost for the moment.


  • All constructs given the honour of being a Keeper would have their first name change to Archivist. However, not all construct had the name Archivist viewed to the general public.