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The Librarian, a human AI, is not to be confused with The Librarian, a Forerunner.

The Librarian
Physical Description




Emerald Green


Motherly in nature, esp. to the Spartans of Delta Company

Military Information


  • Database
  • Teacher


United Nations Space Command


Interspecies Union Conflicts



The SPARTAN-III Second Generation instructional AI was, essentially, the result of one of the first experiments with creating an artificial intelligence from multiple brains. In this case, the brains of several cloned teachers and a few university professors. This combination has given the Librarian excellent capabilities for the concept of teaching, even if many of her methods were found to be highly schizophrenic early on. Further testing and observation as the Librarian matured found that her teaching habits were designed specifically to allow for the highest learning efficiency on an individual basis. After this Spartan trainees were allowed more time to spend with the Librarian as a private tutor. The AI's ability to fragment and tutor hundreds of trainees at once was found to more than double the rate of learning as opposed to teaching as a group. By the age of ten most trainees in Delta Company were able to complete complex calculus equations and had a basic grasp of optical physics.