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On August 6th 2535 the Planet of Epsilon III began it's planetary evacuation 3 days after the Battle for Epsilon IV. By August 8th 80% of the planets population were aboard 80 massive transport ships hanging in orbit from the planet. On August 9th a single covenant CCS-Class Battlecruiser entered the system. The ship the Forward Promise was a Brute controlled ship. The brutes were pleased to see that no UNSC warships or defense Platforms were in the area. Seeing the easy prey the ship began its attack. Within 3 hours all 80 ships with the 80% planetary population were nothing but emptied hulks and destroyed shells with the burnt and bare bone remains of the billions of civilians floating outside the ships. With the last 20% of the planets population on the surface the Brutes began their planetary attack. With only the major cities and towns destroyed much of the planets natural settings were intact.When the Prophet saw this the Brute Chieftain was greatly rewarded as the Prophets called this the way a planet captured for gods should look.