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Covenant Ships
The New Covenant Empire
Political information
Type of government


Founding document

Writ of Union

Head of State

High Council

Head of Government

High Council


Kol 'Tomomee

De facto leader

Kol 'Tomomee

Executive branch

High Council

Legislative branch

High Council

Judicial branch

High Council

Societal information


Official language

Covenant Language(Various languages are spoken by the different races)



State religious body

Worship of the Forerunners, but not the Great Journey

Historical information
Formed from

Founded at the end of the UNSC - Covenant War

Date of establishment

2553 ACE


The New Covenant is the successor of the Old Covenant which was disbanded after the Prophet of Truth was killed by the Arbiter. It was founded by the Sangheili to bring honour back to the Covenant.

Instead of the old Theocratic government, the New Covenant is more of a Meritocracy. This insures that species cannot dominate the Covenant merely by being favoured by the leaders. It's technology is the same as the old Covenant, and it's members generally the same, but it excludes the Jiralhanae and the San'Shyuum. The New Covenant is allied with the UNSC, and are enemies of the Covenant Remnants.


The New Covenant is lead by the High Council. Unlike the Old Covenant, all species (Excluding Huragok) have councillors participating. Each species has twenty councillors, and one high councillor. The overall ruling councillor is the Sangheili high councillor Kol 'Tomomee.

Member Species

In order of hierarchy.


The Sangheili from Sangheilios were the first and longest lasting rebels in the Great Schism. Once the Separatist defeated the Loyalists, the Sangheili built the new Covenant from the remains of the old, first allowing separatist Unggoy an Mgalekgolo in, forgiving Kig-Yar, Yanme'e and Loyalist Unggoy and Mgalekgolo, and even giving an invitation to the Humans, although the Humans politely refused.

After the reformation of the Covenant, the Sangheili made the Covenant are much more fair organization, allowing all species to have councillors. All species have been given their rights back, and rebellions are politically resolved, rather than solved by military force.

The Sangheili have added the "ee" suffix back to their names.


The Magalekgolo were strong allies of the Sangheili during the Great Schism. However, the Jiralhanae threatened to glass Te, the Lekgolo homeworld. The Mgalekgolo were forced into the Loyalist legion. The Sangheili understood this, and relations between the two species were not harmed. Due to the alliance between Mgalekgolo and Sangheili, the Mgalekgolo have the second highest rank in the New Covenant.


Constructs of the Forerunner, the Huragok have joined the New Covenant after they managed to escape the Old Covenant. Their ability to access Forerunner relics give them high rank within the New Covenant. They are the only species not to have councillors.


The Unggoy from Balaho were neutral during the first part of the Great Schism. However, Jiralhanae Stalkers began to drug the Unggoy's methane, so the Unggoy had an urge to serve the brutes. No-one really noticed this untill the end of the war. The Unggoy's help during the first parts of the Schism allowed them to gain a higher rank in the New Covenant. This has boosted their moral, and has turned them into very efficient soldiers, to the Jiralhanae's surprise. Some Unggoy still served the Jiralhanae, but after recent battles, they are either free or dead.


The Yanme'e from Palamok allied themselves with the Jiralhanae from the beginning of the war. The Yanme'e have constantly fought the Sangheili until very recently, were the Jiralhanae tried to destroy Sangheili troops on Palamok by glassing, which angered the Yanme'e greatly. The Yanme'e used their abilities of flight to infiltrate all Jiralhanae ships on Palamok and kill all the offending Jiralhane. The Sangheili gave the Yanme'e a place in the New Covenant due to this.


The Kig-Yar from Eayn were strong allies of the Jiralhanae. They killed many Humans and Sangheili under the command the Jiralhanae. Recently, in battle between the New Covenant and the Covenant Remnants, the Jiralhanae, in a fit of rage, started killing both New Covenant and Kig-Yar. Dejected and defeat, the Kig-Yar slipped away. Months past an Kig-Yar just wandered the universe, not knowing what to do for themselves. The Sangheili showed compassion, and allowed the Kig-Yar into the New Covenant, at low rank, of course.


The New Covenant has a couple of allies. They'd have more, but haven't encountered any more sapient life.


The New Covenant has very strong relations with the Human race from Earth, especially after the Great Schism. The Sangheili have a very strong respect for them. They even gave the Humans and invitation into the New Covenant, which was politely refused. If the UNSC was attacked, the New Covenant would be quick to help, an vise-versa.


The Heretics (the same ones from the Battle of the Gas Mine) from the moon of Basis, have allied with the New Covenant, but for reasons unknown, they haven't completely joined. The relation between Heretic and New Covenant isn't as strong as the relation between the New Covenant and the UNSC.


Covenant Remnants

After the Great Schism the Covenant Loyalists became the Covenant Remnants. The hatred between the two factions remains constant, with only one thing being able to unite them, a common threat from the Flood. The New Covenant is at war with the Remnants to prevent them from activating the Halo Array.

The Flood Infestation of Installation 07

The Flood Infestation of Installation 07 are the most dangerous enemies of the New Covenant. The Covenant Remnants released them on Installation 07, and with a large source of food (Installation 07 was the battleground of a huge battle at the time, New Covenant, Heretic, and UNSC vs. Remnants vs. URF) and so the Flood quickly grew in numbers, overwelming the local Sentinels.

United Rebel Front

Although the New Covenant have little interaction with the URF, the two factions dislike each other, and have engaged one-another on several occasions.