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The Quackverse is the result of what happens when someone (Me, Beth) gets bored and then plays Halo 3 and Halo 3 ODST and realises that there is so much that could be improved and expanded on in terms of Civilian. Named after the author's obession with ducks, The Quackverse aims to expand everything based around Civilians, wherever it be Human Civilians, Covenant Civilians and even Forerunner and Precursor civilians. Anyone may request to join, but unfortunantly may not get involved if I feel that they have too many NCF. No rejection from The Quackverse is forever, so solve the problems I give you and you'll be helping us spread the knowledge of Halo Civilians across the land!

How to apply? Go on the irc and bug the person called Syd_Barrett, Duckhand, Quackverse or Communist_Hand. Or you could message me on my talk page

Workers under the rule of QUAAAAAAAACK