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Terminal This article, The Ravaged, was written by ShockTrooper and Baracuss. Please do not edit this fiction without the writers' permission.
The Ravaged
Biological information

LV-359 Colony

Physical description

7-9 Feet Tall


250-300 Ibs.

Skin color

Gray-Green Skin

  • Two to Six Bright Yellow Eyes
  • 3-4 Toes
  • Gray Skin
  • Thin Body
  • Sharp Teethed
Military and Political information
  • Modiefied Forerunner Technology
  • Modified Sanghelli Military Technology
  • "Hybrids"
  • "Leapers"
  • "Menials"
  • "Stalkers"
  • "Leviathans"
  • "Angels"
Notable Individuals
  • Daedulus (The Ravaged Leader)
Other Names
  • The Angry Night
  • The Invincible Wave
  • "Monsters"

"These Creatures...they're not Flood, thier Monsters..."
―Wounded Marine

"Don't Let them take your Life, cause somethings are Worse than Death..."
―Radio Broadcast of UNSC Military Officer

The Ravaged are Flood-Infected Alien Humanoid Species and Orginated from a Alien Society that was Destroyed by the Flood and had Evolved into Advanced Flood Combat and Infection Forms.

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