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The Seer
Biographical information


Date of birth

503,043 BC

Date of death


Physical description
  • Siegnior (or Arihpas)
  • The Seer






Hair color
  • Red-Brown
  • Silver-Light Red
Eye color


Chronological and political information
Notable Events
  • Final Seignior of the Precursor Soveriegn Dominion
  • Last living Precursor in the Milky Way Galaxy

"Fate rarely calls upon us when we want it to"
―The Seer[1]

Born a Precursor by the name Gabriel-Arihpas, The Seer — also known variably as Ariphas or Seignior during his earlier years as Gabriel and later as The Guide, The Prognostic, The Augur, The Guru, The Mentor or The Legend (the last referring to his almost mythical status) — was the last living Precursor in the Milky Way Galaxy after their mass exodus circa 490,000 BC: left in the galaxy to monitor it and protect it from threats, specifically the threat of Gabriel's brother Lucifel-Nogard, the Seer was something of a mythical figure to the Forerunners and The Enclave, and would come to play a major role in the later stages of the Necros War, particularly in setting up the downfall of his younger brother.


In the Beginning


Gabriel in his younger years at the age of 3,623

Gabriel was born in 503,043 BC, living during the Golden Age of the Precursor Commonwealth, several thousand years before the onset of the Precursor-Elder War. Because of the naturally long lifespans of the Precursors, as well as the life-sustaining technology they had developed, Gabriel would become both a Grand Architect and a High Mogul, a leader of one of the more important Coteries within the Synod. For almost 50,000 years, nothing of true incident occurred within the Commonwealth, and Gabriel's slow rise through the ranks of society reflected this fact: Gabriel's innate creativeness and mathematically mind allowed him to become intimate with almost all forms of structures and technology during his career as an Architect, and the political knowledge gained as a High Mogul would later become equally important to Gabriel.

In roughly 515,000 BC, war broke out between the Precursors and the Elders, another hyper-advanced civilization within the Milky Way Galaxy. The Precursors, would had laid down their weapons several millenia earlier, were forced to take up arms again, but the timeframe necessary to rearm cost many thousands of lives: a large portion of the remaining population was quickly moved into military service, and Gabriel was no exception. Working within the military's technological wing, Gabriel developed clone armies - later dubbed "Subcursors" - to fight the Elders, and despite the effectiveness of these controlled armies, the war still took several two millenia to win. After the war, the "Subcursors" received bad fallout from the public, who questioned the ethics behind this procedure, and in the end Gabriel was forced to stop such work for the time being.

"The Hydra were vile demons; they took from me my family, my life, my home.... I was left with only a hope and a purpose. Strangely, I've found that when left with just these things, I became stronger"
―The Seer

With the total genocide of the Elders, caused in the end by their own super-weapons, all seemed like it would remain peaceful for some time. Unfortunately, such things never last, and in 510,000 BC, another threat arose: the Hydra. Due to his status as a High Mogul and the lack of other eligible members due to the mass death in the Precursor-Elder War, Gabriel was elected Arihpas, or Seignior, official leader of all civil matters in the Commonwealth and joint ruler with the Overlord, who controlled military matters. However, unlike any other Precursors in the Commonwealth's history, Gabriel would take a much more active role in the military's affair during the war, his power becoming almost on level with Michael-Arijog, the Overlord himself.

Gabriel would lead his people through the devastating fight against the Hydra, but more and more he would realize that there was very little that they could do to stop the beasts. When things started to seem bleakest, however, a younger member of the military's science wing presented Gabriel with an idea he had devised: an experimental, genetically engineered Hydra-slaying unit, created from one of their own soldiers. Desperate, Gabriel authorized the attempt and contacted the only person he thought qualified to undergo this procedure: Lucifel, his brother.

Lucifel's Descent

Lucifel: "You betrayed me Gabriel!"
Gabriel: "You were my brother, Lucifel! You were supposed to save us, not destroy us!"
―Lucifel and Gabriel as Lucifel is brought to the stasis chamber aboard the Beacon[2][src]


"One if left with the horrible feeling now that war settles nothing; that to win a war is as disastrous as to lose one"
―The Seer


The Seer (2)

Gabriel's appearance upon reawakening during the Necros War

"For millenia, I have waited, and watched"
―The Seer

Necros War

Riker-012: "Historians call the Human-Covenant War the Great War; if we survive, I bet they'll start calling this war that instead, once it's all over"
The Seer: "Hmph. There is no such thing as a "Great War". War does not make one great"
―Riker and The Seer shortly after meeting[3]





  1. This quote is spoken by Optimus Prime in the movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
  2. Reference to the conversation between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker at the end of their duel in Star Wars Episode III
  3. The Seer's last phrase is a reference to a statement by Yoda, made in Star Wars: Episode V
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