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Tier Zero Status Armored Exoskeletons are considered the most Advanced Surviving technology to date, with force amplification of 400% and chance of survivability raised to 89% the Battle Armor is one of the last surviving Non-Exiled Precursor Technologies to date, with the battle-plating nearly on-par with cubic-zirconia and the force amplifying undersuit on-par with MJOLNIR Battleplate - the few Tier-Zero Class Combat Exoskeletons that remain are extremely difficult to destroy, the most effective way of disabling Exile forces armed Tier Zero technologies is with the use of Scorpion Mechanized Battalions deployed from Pelican Dropships.

The limited amount of these Armor Systems has been caused in part because of Colonel Rosevelt's OPERATION: ENDWAR, which is based around the capture of such Non-Exiled Precursor Technologies in an effort to duplicate, mass produce and provide the lost technologies to UNSC Forces, with some success the captured technologies have led to the breakthrough MJOLNIR; ENDWAR Class battle armor and the RAVEN CLASS POWER ARMOR; ENDWAR VARIANT.

Such operations have also led to the radical transformation of all Future Soldier initiatives.

The armor is composed of;

  • Outer Combat Plating
  • Force Amplifying Undersuit
  • Neural Reactive Joints
  • Precursor Clean Energy Generator
  • Precursor Neural Integration systems
  • Precursor Linear Energy Shielding
  • Anti-Gravity Pack
  • Energy Gauntlet Blade
  • Weapon Rechargine Station
  • Motion Reading "THIRD EYE"
  • Armored Uplink
  • Suit Ventilation System
  • Middle semi-solid Gel layer