40px-Terminal.png This article, Timeline of the Stelverse, was written by Stel' Vadam, Ebon Shadowshot and Leo Fox. Please do not edit this fiction without the writers' permission.

As the name says so, the Timeline of the Stelverse is the offical timeline of...the Stelverse. A bit obvious eh?




  • The Human-Covenant War starts.



  • Stel 'Vadam finishes his training and partcipates in the Harvest Campaign.


  • Stel 'Vadam particaptes in the Battle of Kholo.


  • Stel 'Vadam is nearly killed in the Battle of Arcadia. He also meets his Jiralhanae rival, Yormus.


  • The Fall of Reach begins.
  • Stel is promoted to a Ranger.
  • Stel meets his future wife: Ke'la Vadum
  • Stel barely escapes from Reach: loses a arm during it.
  • Stel later comes back, armed with a new prosthetic robotic arm.
  • Stel fights in the Great Schism.
  • Doug-103 meets Stel
  • Doug-103 fights alongside Stel until the end of the Human-Covenant war, and enters a cryotube for seven months.


  • Stel 'Vadam attends a UNSC War Memorial, retires and becomes a assassin. Later meets Ral 'Daman and leads a resistance to break free of the Jiralhanae on Sanghelios. Halo: Vendetta takes place.
  • The 1st Age of Redemption begins.




  • Kig-Yar Loyalists battle with Tir-D-yar's forces on Reach.
  • Tir-D-yar destroy the Parliment buildings on Eayn, killing the majority of Kig-Yar politicians.
  • Operation: DECIMATION begins as Task Force 343 arrives on Azather.
  • The Kig-Yar Loyalists conquer half of Terrador.
  • Rola 'Vadam visits Lady Sintharia, in which they discuss the destruction of a cultist recruitment base.
  • Just before the master plan is enacted, Lady Sintharia's kingdom is exposed to dry land and invaded by approximatley 1 million Jiralhanae which destroy half the city. Sintharia defects the Nartol and leaves the planet with her survivors.
  • Cultist leader Hel'Thuzad is presumed dead following the invasion of his capital city which causes the death of lieutenant Myr-D-yar.



  • Half of Task Force 343 is deployed to the Karidan homeworld. The other half is captured.
  • Tir-D-yar arrives on the Karidan Homeworld. His plans are unknown at the time.
  • Yormus plans an attack on the enemy with the Karidans.


  • A Sangheili Rebellion begins on Sanghelios, the state of Vadam is invaded by rebels.
  • Tir-D-yar, a few of his soldiers and Lady Sintharia and some of her Covert Nartol land on Sanghelios, Tir infiltrated the State of Vadam.
    • Lady Sintharia discovers the location of the Rebel Leader, and ultimatley sends word to Tir for negotations.
  • Lost Nartol Grand Ambassador Noberdo sends word to Sanghelios that Azather has began healing from the events of Operation: DECIMATION.
  • Lady Sintharia is arrested by the Sangheili and interrogation processes begin.
  • Ral 'Daman defects the Sangheili Confederacy.
  • The Destined Council and Serka 'Rolam are killed, destroying the Destined Ones and most of it's members.
  • The Sangheili Civil War ends.