You probably thought you were gonna get to drop feet first into Hell, right? Well, you aren't going to be dropping in at hundreds of miles per hour anytime soon. You've been assigned to menial constabulary duties in a village plagued by rebellion for the last month so that you don't rot away while guarding this forsaken "jewel" of humanity that people call Reach.

On one particular frigid day, your battalion commander rides in on his mighty M63 Überhog, armed with a hearty M247H machine gun, with a special announcement: the carrier UNSC Australopithecus Afarensis has arrived in-system for refitting, and their shipboard garrison is a company of ODSTs short. You know this may be your only opportunity to leave this boring wasteland behind, but you fear the carrier may quickly be redeployed to the frontline: something your sorry arse might not be totally siked for.

Join the volunteer troopers aboard the carrier
Stay with the majority of your battalion planet-side
Defect to the local Insurrectionist front; they seem to know what they're doing

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