HTC - Priory Officer
If there was any Sangheili that could be considered the equivalent to the toothless, stereotypical blue collars of the American Southeast, you're it. Comparatively, even Sangheili of your variety hold much more honor than your typical, toothless hillbilly, but nonetheless, you are a by-the-book killing machine... meh.

At any rate, you are aboard a nimble Covenant corvette-type vessel known as the Foolish Inquity. Crewed by the typical combination of Sangheili, Unggoy, and specialized Lekgolo colonies, it is one of the frontal vessels for the mighty Fleet of Particular Justice. And just like that [ NARRATOR SNAPS FINGERS ], the fleet has poofed in-system (for the sake of this story, the Long Night of Solace never went ahead of the main fleet). Reach's orbital region springs to life with extravagant bursts of bright light and streaks of plasma and missile salvos. You are ordered to your drop pod for preliminary assault, but you notice the Sangheili that once manned a set of plasma turrets was knocked unconscious by one of the ships violent shakings. You must make a decision, and fast.

Follow your fellow Spec Ops soldiers to the Insertion Pods
Man the plasma turrets to help fend off attacking ships

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