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Toni O'Flannigan
Toni O'Flannigan
Biographical Information


  • "The Arms Queen"
  • "Miss Boom"
  • "Crazy Gal"
  • "The Fun One"




March 27th, 2533



Physical Information








141 lb.






cybernetic left eye

Political/Military Information


  • Arms dealing
  • Negotiations
  • Explosives
  • Partying


Weapons from Kihara Muntions

  • KMR-42
  • KM-P1


Arms Dealer



  • Daughter of the Boss that runs the O'Flannigan Mafia.
  • Has both Aspergers and Bi-Polar disorder.
  • Known to be merciless and shows very little care for anyone.
  • Deals with both Insurrectionist forces and Independent Colonies. Will occasionally sell to UEG civilians on the Black Market.
  • Owns a SinoViet Infinitum Star Yacht called the "The Mistress".
"You know the URNA used to be the called the United States of America and they had this thing called the 2nd Amendment, where people could own guns to form a militia if they needed too. And you know what that's what I do best, help form Militias! That and also getting shitfaced after a good payday."
―Toni's reason for why she's an arms dealer.

Toni O'Flannigan is a major arms dealer and has been for nearly seven years now. Born on the backwater crime-ridden colony of Allo to the head of the O'Flannigan Mafia. Toni was born to do great things for both her family and the colony's organized crime syndicate, her father wanted her to lead the crime syndicate when he would pass away, but Toni however, had other plans. Toni grew to have an interest in firearms at a young age and would go on to hanging out with the local arms dealers in the markets learning the tricks and tips to arms dealing in her teenage years. Finally, at the age of eighteen, she began to start her own business and would later go on to be one of the biggest arms dealers in the outer colonies. Even if it went against her father's wishes.

"Daddy always wanted me to run it, he said I had the spark to do it...funny, I couldn't care less about what happens. I got my own business to run, I don't need to part of some crime family or whatever to make it big, because it already is."
―Toni showing disgust in having to run the crime syndicate


Allo Captial Midas

City of Midas

Toni was born in the city of Midas, Allo's capital on March 27th, 2533. Instead of being born in a hospital she was born at her family's home in one of the luxury skyscrapers. Toni was the second daughter of Johnny and Lily O'Flannigan and the middle child of two siblings. Her older sister Kathy was five when Toni was born, and her little brother Anthony, who was born two years later after her. Toni would grow up with a luxurious lifestyle, but she would despise it, preferring to live a rebellious lifestyle instead.

When Toni was four she was diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome by her family's personal doctor, but it was pretty obvious something was wrong with her beforehand. She was easily distracted and never wanted to socialize or struggled too, but her father didn't care as he promised he would help her with her issues because he was determined to have her lead the family. At first, she was excited about the idea, to be the head honcho and run it all. With power like that, she could be unstoppable. She worked heavily with her father growing up in becoming organized and figuring out how to socialize so that she could make friends and deals when she needed to, which greatly helped her out in the long run. One day her father took her to the underground market to show her how the economic system of Allo worked. Allo was a crime infested colony, and since it was so far away from the UEG systems it became a hotspot for Insurrectionist activity, the planet was neutral in the war on both sides but would constantly trade with the Insurrectionists in order to keep the planet and it's people alive.

Toni: "But Daddy, aren't the Innies the bad guys in this war?"
Johnny: "Who care's who they are? In this game baby doll, it's all about money. You deal with whoever to make it. Good or bad it doesn't matter, they got cash and supplies and you want it."
―Johnny explains how the system works to Toni

Once Toni was a teenager, she began learning how to work the economic system herself. Most importantly arms dealing, she would work with her mentor, Eric Delroy, who was one of the biggest arms dealers on the planet. She would learn much from him, but her father, however, forbade her to do so and had a hit placed upon Eric who later died that same day. She grew to resent her father for his decision and began her rebellious lifestyle. She would refuse to listen to her father for nearly three years until she was eighteen, deciding she was old enough to start. She began to sell weapons to the people behind her fathers back. She would succeed in doing so for over a year until she was caught. Her father was furious for her actions and threatened to kick her out, however, it wouldn't affect her as she had used everything she had learned to succeed in the market even striking a deal to sell weapons from the colonies own weapons manufacturers, Kihara Munitions.

In a fit of rage, her father struck Toni and demanded that she give up the arms deal immediately. In retaliation, she produced a M6C magnum and shot him in the stomach. After a small talk between the two, Toni blasted one of the windows out of the living room window and shot her father again multiple times, before pushing him out the window, where he fell to his death. After doing so, she stole money out of her father's bank account and went out to party at the local nightclubs with her friends.

Johnny: " could you? You shot your own father!"
Toni: "I am well aware, but I'm not letting a fat fuck like you stop me from something I was born to do."
Johnny: "Don't do this Toni, we're family! You're my own daughter for Christ sakes!"
Toni: "I know. Besides you taught me one thing in this world, you do whatever it takes to make it."
— Toni and Johhny final conversation before Toni murdered her father.

Johhny O'Flannigan falling to his death

Johnny was shot multiple times before falling to his death.

Escaping Allo