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Lt. Tony Watts
Tony Watts
Biographical information


Date of birth

November 26th, 2520

Date of death

January 15th, 2622

Physical description







BR55HB-E, MA5C ICWS, M6D PDW, M90 Mk. II CAWS, M7/C SMG, M41 SSR MAV/AW Rocket Launcher, M7057/Defoliant Projector


ODST Body Suit


M274 "Mongoose" ULATV (3), AV 14 "Hornet" (2), M12 "Warthog" LRV (2)

Hair color


Eye color




Chronological and political information



UNSC Marine Corp, Bravo 6, 259th Orbital Drop Shock Trooper Battalion


"We are crazy! We are insane! We will let nothing stand in the way of our duty! We! Are! The! ODSTs!"
―Tonys speech prior to The Battle of Solstice

Early Life

When Tony was 6, his parents had divorced and he was living with his mother, Liza Brownstein who was filthy rich, and left her husband, James Lewis Watts, with almost nothing, and by the time Tony was 15, he hated his life, which was partys every day, no sleep, and no father to support him, so when he turned 18 he ran away from his home and joined the UNSC.


After he joined the UNSC he wanted something crazy, something insane, then when he was aboard the UNSC Fire at Dusk, he was looking at a billboard and saw a peculiar poster saying "You want crazy?! You want insane?! Then join the ODSTs! (Sign ups in Section 22, room 43.)"

Tony Unmasked

Tony at the age of 30.

Battle of Solstice

In the year 2546 the human colony of Solstice was attacked by Covenant forces and was protected by the 259th ODST Battalion and Bravo 6 was assigned to drop and evac on a Pelican, in spite of the fact that Bravo 6 was outraged by this, they listened, but as they were flying into the orbit of Solstice Kilo-421, the Pelican they were riding on, got hit by a Covenant Anti Air Gun, and crash landed 200 miles away from their designated spot, now that Covenant Patrols had seen them, they were stranded at the crashed Pelican with Covenant searching all around them, no where to run, no where to hide, and with their pilot dead and radios smashed, they had no way to communicate with anything. After 2 days of hopelessly waiting, Covenant patrols found them, they held of a good fight, but many were lost, and only him and Roy Walker survived, after 3 more days of waiting a Pelican picked them up and they went back to the Fire at Dusk.


Kilo-421's crash site.

\\More Battle Records coming soon.\\


Tony Retired in the year 2564, and was 44 years old at the time, after retirement he settled down on a small Farm in Texas, and was raising cattle with his grandfather, until his grandfather died. When he was 60 he wrote a book called Covies, From The Grunts To The Prophets which described Covenant, from the Grunts, to The Prophets.

Tony 96

Tony at the age of 96.


In 2622 Tony died of old age and now lies in the large Cemetery in the Museum of Humanity.