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Transport Division Three
Unit Background


  • Warship carried troops
    • Marines (2000)
    • Petrel (1)
    • Mongooses (14)
    • Pelican dropships (14)
    • M808G Scorpion Main Battle Tank (3)
    • Warthogs (8)
    • Perceptor Spy Drones (3)
    • Katana fighters (10)
    • Medium Attack VTOLs (24)
    • Gull Dropships (24)
    • Light Attack VTOLS (32)

Unit Motto

"Semper Districtus (Alway Busy)"

Unit size

18 Ships

Current Status



Transport Division Three is a Invasion Fleet, commanded by Vice Admiral Scott Brooks.

Active Ships in Transport Division Three


The Role of the Transport Division Three is to land troops and equipment on a planet. Its Ra-class Assault Ships are used to support landing forces from Planet side. In addition to holding 5 Marine Expeditionary Units, the Transport Division sport a large amount of VSTOL, fighter and bomber aircraft, to soften up any sizable resistance. First to land would be Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODST) forces in their HOPE pods, to secure a sizable area for addition forces to land in dropships. Next comes the Infantry, Light Armored Vehicles, and the heavy armored vechicles.

Starships of Transport Division Three
Tereus-class Escort Destroyer

UNSC Pringle

Raijin-class Destroyers

UNSC Hudson | UNSC Spence

Heimdall-class Frigate


Hermes-class Corvette

UNSC Mercury

Gigantes-class Tugs

UNSC Moa | UNSC Tui | UNSC Warrego | UNSC Swan

Ra-class Assault Ships

UNSC McCawley |UNSC Calvert | UNSC Zeilin | UNSC Electra

Atlas-class Troop Carriers

UNSC Diamond Head | UNSC Sabine | UNSC Guadalupe | UNSC Kennebec | UNSC Cimarron

Asclepius-class Hospital Ship

UNSC Bellatrix

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